03 September 2011

Commanding Waves

I walked ankle-deep into the ocean just staring out at the lines of waves crashing in. I thought about how vast God is and how great His ways that I could never piece them together. As my mind was headed out to sea, I heard a little girl yelling.

To my right, a girl was building a sandcastle with her Mom. The tide was rising and in fear of ruining all of her work, she pointed at the waves crashing and yelled, "NO! STAY AWAY! Don't come here..GO AWAY!"
She commanded the waves to depart and to her luck, the waves came within 3 inches of her sand castle, but did not touch it!

I think of how funny it is when we try to control God in our life. 'No God, not that...i'll be ok with anything but that! The truth is, we can't control what comes into our lives or what is happening, but we can control if we will let God do what He wills with joy...meanwhile watching others yelling at the waves.

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