19 October 2011

coconut cravings

I don't know why, but this past year my world has been taken over by the coconut.  I can't get enough of it!  I think it all started when my dear sister Alissa started baking chocolate-dipped macaroons.  (Is your mouth watering yet?)

There is just something so beautiful to me about the coconut itself.  When I went to Mexico my sophomore year at ASU, my friend Katy ordered a coconut to drink.  The man picked one from his cart, sliced the top with a machete, and proceeded to hand it to her with a straw.  That was it!  Pure coconut!

It seems strange to me that such a sweet and pure white substance can come from the inside of such a hard shell!  In considering Psalm 119:11 today, I thought of a coconut. "I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you."  If the Word protects us and keeps us from taunting as we keep reading, what would it look like to hide it in our hearts?  Hidden: kept in a safe place within us where no one can take it away.  I want the Word of the Lord to be at the center.  A delicious feast I can keep coming back to that is protected from the lies of the world and the bugs of the enemy.  I want its flavor to permeate into new tastes and show up in new and unexpected ways.

I want my mouth to water for the Word of God the way it does when I think of those macaroons!  Oh Father, your Word is like honey on my lips!  Too wonderful to describe.  Invade my heart with your presence and truth.  Remind me I am not alone.  Protect me from Satan.  Let your goodness and truth be the center of my life.   

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Josh said...

love the idea of the Word being "like macaroons on my lips" =P

great imagery and thoughts, Alicia!