07 January 2006

My Phobia of Mustard and Pickles...

is killing me!

So i woke up relatively arly this morning and tuned into the Maury show. I have to say it was pretty much my most enjoyable tv watching experiance this new year besides beauty and the geek! There were five women all of whom were terrified by various things. One of which was scared of mustard..i mean come on! But the other was terrified of pickles! Geez! It was hilarious...fake or not i don't care! they bring out this gigantic plate of pickles and she looses a shoe running to dive behind some guy for cover. That didn't work so well so as she scambles to run towards the back door she lost her other shoe and began to have a panic attack! She was a waitress and if a coustomer asked for a pickle she would tell them they were out!
The balloon phobia lady ran when she heard a balloon popping on the moniter. She tried to run out the back as Maury was trying to warn, "i wouldn't do that." 2.3 seconds later you hear an even louder scream as she apparently ran right into the room they had the balloons stored in! Man oh man! Anyhoo..they all got their phobias solved..another success for Maury...way to go man!

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