17 January 2006

Right Here by Jeremy Camp

All the world is watchingall the world does careEven when the world weighs on my shoulder nowthese feelings I can bearBecause I know, thatYou're hereeverywhere I go I knowYou're not far awayYou're right here,You're right hereAll these thoughts I've wastedall these thoughts I've fearedEven when these thoughts are fadedI still know thatYou hear so I can rest my hope in YouEverywhere I go I know You're not far awayYou're right here, You're right hereThe many times that I have felt alonethe many times that I have felt the world wascrashing down upon meYou always stood here by my sideYou were always thereEverywhere I go I know You're not far away.You're right here, You're right here"

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