28 April 2007

The final leg

Today has been one of the longest days in a while. I found out around midnight last night that i was 3 points shy of a B+ on my test giving me a B- overall in my class. Normally this is no biggie, but last night and all of today I have felt defeated in a sense. You see, what those three points mean to me is the final answer in a roller coaster I have been playing all year.

There is no guarantee of a scholarship at ASU next year.

I have to appeal yet again. Granted, much has happened and it is possible (especially with God) to recieve the scholarship another year. So last night I couldn't sleep. I stopped writting my paper at 1am to try and rest yet I was awake until 4. After spending hours working on a 3d project and more hours at work running up and down stairs trying to keep my mind off the workload in the dorm rooms...well, i am mentally and physically exhausted. I'm sorry if I seem distant or down. The reason is because I am.

8 more days.

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