10 April 2007

Things I Love from the past week...

  • Last Sat. --randomly going to the Renaissance Faire for the heck of it!
  • Playing softball on an intramural team and hitting an amazing pitch out to deep center to have my years old cleat break as i rounded second! (the bottom fell off!)
  • MCing with my Mexican brother
  • Walking into a gun club to get shells for an art project and not having the guy blink an eye.
  • Spending 2 1/2 hours then drilling over 100 bullets
  • Watching the Office three times and laughing just as hard each time
  • The Casa Blanca ladies signing our lease to the condo!
  • Trying Skyline Chili and getting a taste of Cincinnati
  • going to the sunrise service at a different church and having the worship wake me up!
  • Donuts after the service with friends
  • Spending time just chilling with one of my favorite people and falling asleep during "Little Miss Sunshine" because we were so tired!
  • Teaching people about missions in SGIM MILK
  • CiCi's opening up in Mesa
  • Finding out my grandmother bought an ab lounge!
  • working at Chase field and making more tips than any other candy vendor! (partially because i sometimes yell, "Red Vines...M&Ms...pay off my tuition! (people think it's funny!))
  • getting a text from my friend informing me she was in the back of a police car!
  • eating sour patch kids
  • Max Brenner?
  • Eating fresh grapefruit in my room the way my mom and I used to.

What are you loving from this past week?

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