18 May 2007

And so the Adventure Has Begun!

In two weeks, I will have spent my time in 9 states!

It all started in Arizona as we finished moving into our condo last week.

All went smoothly as the Nav boys helped out a lot from setting up our Internet to carry ridiculous furniture up the

stairs. I think the dog (Vegas) really likes the new place as well. This is a photo of Katy letting her up on the couch even though we said she shouldn't! Katy is trying to hide but you can still tell it's her!

From there I was off to Philly. Mattias and Maggie's wedding is this evening but i came early to spend some time with friends and relax since the Diamondbacks were out of town so I had no work anyway. I spent a day walking around on my own and working on my photo thesis for ASU. Then I hung out with Mark and Wendy one day only to go to Washington D.C. the next! Finally yesterday Ariel, Guido and I finally had some time to hang out and spend time talking and enjoying each other's company. He injured his neck earlier on in the week so i made him stand by this sign at Jim's, the cheesesteak place we went to, it's so good to see old friends again. Today's the big wedding. Should be fun as even more Dutch and friends will be there!

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