04 May 2007

One of THOSE days...

Brent's got a point...those of us in college drop off the blogging world as soon as finals come. I get in blogging slumps..a few days where nothing happens for me to share. Then i feel like there is at least one week a month. One week of intensiveness where I must go straight to bed and then even more intense things stir up the next day. These past few days have been that craziness to me and I am going to attempt to make sense of it for you readers!

First of all, Cassie, Katy and I did not get on the Price is Right but we will be on TV May 18th. Back-right side of the studio and Katy has an amazing cameo behind one of the contestants mothers. We 'slept' on the streets of L.A. There were old ladies from everywhere! We made lots of friends (lots of Texans were there as well!) and played Uno with the guys behind us in line. Then came 6am. We received our vouchers securing a spot in the studio and we were off to head back to the car and relax before we had to return.

There were still over 8 hours more of waiting at that point but finally going into the studio was all worth it! It was a lot taller than TV camera angles had tricked me to believe. There were only 300 audience members but it was SO shiny! On TV, the green and such look a little dull, but 70s sparkle sang from the entire studio! we met all but one of the contestants while waiting and Charles is by far the coolest that made it on stage. At the commercial breaks. Bob Barker answered audience questions. He loved saying his quote from Happy Gilmore and we decided to tell him we weren't studying for finals but came to his show instead. He told us to not blame him when we are on welfare! HAHA. So began the long trip home after some Chipotle.

So that brings us to yesterday. I woke up fairly early because I had a lot to do. I paid my student bills, dropped off my paper, returned library books...and then I saw the US Airways booth by the Union. I had applied at US Air before to be a ticket agent so I thought i'd check it out. I start talking to this guy named Michael who explained the job i applied for stunk and he started telling me about where he worked at the fleet. SO he told me to go back to the dorms and print off my resume. I did and returned. We talked for a while and then he asked, "So, do you want the job? Oh, by the way.,..that was your interview!" Ummm..oh my! YES. I am now a member of the US Air fleet at Sky Harbor airport! I went through 2 hours of processing this morning and ordered my uniform and got my badge! My training starts June 4th. But man, how amazing is God! Best job ever! i get domestic flights for $15 and international for $40 one way. Hello Holland? Australia finally? Egypt? I'm so pumped!

So after finding out i got the job, more exciting things came as we had the Nav boys over to the dorms to start moving in to our Condo. It is called 'Casa Blanca' due to the 3 Mexicans and 3 nursing majors living there. We set up our rooms, hauled in items, ordered pizza and watched some Office and Prison Break. What an amazing day. You know those days where you just feel like and know you've accomplished a lot? Yeah, yesterday was one of those.


Nathan said...

Mexico Trip is June 2-9. I have you down on the list. Is this confirmed that you can go with us?

Free and Living said...

that's so cool about your job, alicia! and the ticket prices...are you kidding me?