10 September 2007

stream of consciousness

i know i haven't blogged in a while and it's not becasue i haven't wanted to but merely that i don't know how to verbalize life lately. My memory is starting to fade me. I don't remember things that went on in my life by the end of the day anymore!

All i know is my photo thesis to officially graduate as a photo major is due on the first.

I stink at ceramics. I come home two days a week covered in red clay.

I am a security guard but i may be looking for a new more consistant job.

my family went to Italy last week while i was stuck in class.

I turned 21 on labor day...it doesn't feel much different.

I miss Holland.

I am so excited to go back to philly and NYC.

max brenner.

the Bible study i'm leading started tonight and i am really glad about the girls that are in it

work schedualed me on friday when the navs meet...grrrr

i love Katy's dog Vegas. taught her a new trick today too.

there is nothing like a texas sunset at lake grapevine.

i miss lakes.

I think it is awesome my homework for my OT class is reading genesis and exodus!

i stink at painting.

i rant a lot.

i'm hoping the diamondbacks make playoffs.

i need to finish my reading for class.



Brent said...

There's LOTS better sunset views than the one at Lake Grapevine. Really.

spartacus21 said...

though that may be true...i have many memories of writing and journaling on my 'spot' there. Perhaps it is not the spot in particular i miss but that ideal of mine to escape and write.

Free and Living said...

alicia, so when are you headed northwest? :)

mutating missionary said...

i really enjoyed this stream of consciousness blog!