20 September 2007

things that made me smile today

  • i was pretty sure my bike tire was going to die on the way to school but it made it there and back.
  • the weather today was 95 and beautiful. It was more of a pleasant bike ride.
  • continuing with the weather, i had a test and finished fast so i was able to read my TanaKh (Hebrew old testament) with some Einstein's breakfast
  • at breakfast, i saw Heather, Carol, Tim, Leila, and Steve
  • i slipped and fell on my bottom in the middle of the between class rush. no one even noticed!
  • class got out 30 min. early
  • my photo professor actually likes my thesis photos!
  • vegas attacked the UPS guy...a few weeks ago she attacked the mail-lady too! i'm beginning to think we need one of those 'beware of dog' signs. the mid-20-yr-old screamed and threw the package only to come in a minuate later laughing at himself as vegas continued to lick his calves.
  • Vegas ran down the stairs but forgot to turn and rammed her face right into the wall. i felt bad, but that's pretty funny!

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