12 December 2007

What if Patrick Henry's famous words were really, "Live Free or Die Hard?"

The lights hang on the Christmas tree as it is flooded with candy canes, ornaments and polaroids of friends. We had our roommate Christmas on Sunday. It was a good time to just chill and spend time with each other. When did I become old enough to celebrate Christmas outside of Texas and my parent's home?

A lot of change is coming in this next semester. It's like the clouds in the Arizona sky. You know a storn is coming, but you can't tell if it is a gentle rain or monsoon on its way. I'm excited for it I suppose, yet like numerous other human beings i'm not always fond of change. I've got into a routine of things. I'd like to know if i'll be in seminary after college or even in the country.
I guess the reason i don't know is solely that I want to know and don't need to know. I never was fond of that phrase..."it's on a need to know basis." But that's how God works. He knows, we don't yet. deal with it.

But Christmas with the roommates was good. There was Christmas noodles and exchanging of gifts followed by Mexican train. couldn't ask for much better than that.

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