29 January 2008

the old woman

i was driving to school the other day at the Polytech campus. The ASU Polytech campus is about a 40 minute drive to the middle of nowhere. Half of the University property is still government land and the rest is under construction. Anyways, I was about halfway through my trip and I was caught in traffic on this road in the middle of nowhere. The sunset looked awesome over the wet desert as we've had storms the past few days as a foreshadowing of the soon coming monsoon season. What I noticed was a lady walking in between the two lanes. She had a bag flailing with her arms and she just looked lost, but as if she knew where she were going. I am going to call her Shannon.

So Shannon stopped for a minute and with a deep sigh embraced the sight of the sunset. Just cocked her head slightly and looked at it. Then she was back on her way. Arms flailing to the music in her head. And then I thought...maybe that's what resting in the LORD is. We all have our our beat and style on our journey, we have a mission and a way to go, and yet; we get times to rest with God and sigh while staring at the sunset. Needless to say, although it's been a long weekend full of hurt and too much trusting in humans, class wasn't so bad last night. And for a little bit, I felt at peace with God.

One more thing...HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!

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