17 January 2008

why does rush hour have to go east on the 60 when i am going to class?!?

I had a pretty amazing end to winter break. After two weeks in Texas, I went to EDH (a town just outside of Sacramento) to spend some good quality time with my friend Katy. We got to tour the jelly belly factory, get scared by the infamous Bush man, and just chill.

After 5 days in Nor Cal, it was back to Tempe, AZ to spend 3 days cleaning the house and getting ready for school to start back up. So here I am. Day 4 into my 6th semester at ASU. This has been a crazy run so far. Normally you at least have one class on the first day that just hands out the syllabus and sends you on your way. Not so much this semester. Normally you also have a few classes that are purely test based. Again, not so much this semester. Sure there are tests, but there are also papers, journals, quizzes, discussion boards, readings...all for one of my six classes!

As of last night all of the roommates are finally moved in AND i officially changed my major to Art Studies. It's good because it allowed me to take one less hour and i may drop another class to get down to 16 for the semester. School is truly my main focus this semester so not much more is going on.

I miss my best friend so Tempe is different without her but I'll be ok.
A lot of friends got engaged over winter break..and i mean a lot of friends.
I plan on going on a 5 week mission trip over the summer that I am excited for.


Amy Trianne said...

i miss katy too :(

Amy Trianne said...
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Brent said...

Where are you headed for 5 weeks?

spartacus21 said...

new zealand. the navigators have a trip set up there to work on a campus over there assisting their current ministry in the area and do street evangelism. I am so stoked!

Soozan said...

people need to stop getting engaged!!!! *scream*