27 April 2008

SInce When Did I Become Nocturnal?

I feel like life right now is being lived on the border. Much like our boat race the other week. I'm at the edge of sanity with finals looming in the next week and a half as well as working at keeping my scholarship once again. I've been sleeping a lot lately. Too much I feel like.
I haven't found something out here is Arizona to do to relax. No special place by Grapevine lake to sit or no hilltop in Heiloo with an amazing view of the stars. Tonight I tried driving around, bike riding, going to the dollar theater...and yet no luck. I feel like I have no place out here to call my own. I would really like to find one here before my time is up!

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Brad said...

May I suggest hiking to the top of a hill/ mountain? There are lots around tempe.