16 April 2008

Twenty dollars for 30 allergy pills?!?

This morning I was a little scatter-brained as I woke up and got ready for class. This was in large part due to the fact I woke up only ten minutes before my bus! But I made it! I swiped my sun devil bus pass and began to take off my backpack to sit down. I must've been moving slower than normal due to my drowsiness, but as the bus driver took off with a jerk, I remained with my arms tangled in my backpack. Trying to grasp what was happening I lost balance and began to fall. I pulled the back off and tried to regain balance, but it was too late. I fell halfway onto some other student/stranger's lap and quickly moved back into my seat apologizing! We both laughed about it and put our ipods back into our ears.
So ends the tale of my crazy bus ride.

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