10 September 2008

Spirit Halloween

So I started my new job today at the halloween store. Funny how i keep finding seasonal jobs! Who knows, if Vikki is doing it, maybe i'll work for Santa again too! Anyways, I was just realizing how odd our conversation would sound to others.

"Hey, i need more blood hand prints over here!"
"Has anyone seen a sexy nurse?"
"Here's a few more skeletons for display."
"If I find one more unattached mullet!"
"I have an unarmed officer here, anyone seen the guns?"

That, along with cutting open hundreds of boxes never knowing what you'll find in them made for one interesting day! From a box of nice pumpkin buckets to a light-up throbing heart, I was kept on my feet! Needless to say, first test of the year in art history tomorrow! Bible study last night was amazing as well! Thanks for the prayers!

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valbuss said...

You should dye your hair :-). Do it. Do it.