03 October 2010

brickwall : waterfall

Have you ever stood in the middle of a waterfall's flow?

I'm not talking about a hard-roaring one that would knock you off your feet, but a slow flow that you can stand under that in a way feels like a high-powered shower.

When I tried snorkeling this summer, after about 10 minutes I realized I was underwater and started having a panic attack! I could no longer touch the ground and the current was keeping me from swimming as fast as I could. I had the tools and ability needed to be completely fine...I'm a decent swimmer..but I still panicked.

I've had that happen in a waterfall before. I'm totally fine and enjoying the pounding of the water on my shoulders, and then all of a sudden, I realize I'm surrounded by water! I was perfectly fine before, but when I freak out I lift my head looking around trying to find a way out to breathe.

In a waterfall, all you have to do is bow your head and you'll have an area to breathe. When you put your hand through a flow of water it simply moves around it. This is the same concept. Your head is blocking the flow.

So many times we do the opposite feeling overwhelmed by things being poured on our head. We look around, seek a way out, and don't just bow our head to breathe and receive life. We are not supposed to run out to breathe and then come back. But live and flourish where God has placed us. In the midst of the flow, bow your head.

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