18 October 2010


I still remember the night vividly. We were driving back from Otaki where Alycia and I shared our testimonies to the Chinese food-workers congregation. Sarah, Meredith, and I sat snug in the back of Janeen's car, and as we had been without a radio the entire trip, filling the empty space with our voices had come to be a normal occurrence.

We sang the lyrics to one of our favorite hymns at the top of our lungs, and for a moment, I forgot it was raining as our voices drowned out the sound of drops hitting the windshield.

And then it happened.

We were silenced.

Like a whip, a lightning bolt cracked across the sky and the beam of white light coming from it stunned us into silence.

The blast was blinding.

It took a moment for anyone to say anything. And then we began t praise God again. for His power and creation. For Him silencing us with His love in our lives. For the Chinese. For placing each of us in that car exactly at that moment.

Have you been silenced by God? By His power? By His love?

Why not?

Be silent in awe of Him.

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