18 February 2011


Walking into a living room, you take in the couches, coffee table, lighting, and art. Over the couch against the wall is a larger piece of art.

It is the target to which the eye is drawn.

The pride of any artist's home.

If in the middle of taking in your surroundings, how would you feel if there was a large portrait of you over the couch?

The artist placed it there as evidence of his prized workmanship.

The house you are in belongs to Christ, He wishes to show you off to the world so they may see His hands in you. Are you a little thrown off to see your mug in a portrait on someone's wall? Do you critique the image hoping your hair was just a little different or a touch of photoshop was performed? Do you try to cover it up or place someone else's image in its stead?

Christ has you as His masterpiece on display for all to see. Do you act in a way that brings the attention and acclaim back to the creator? Or do you smudge off His signature for your own?

"What is we were an abstract self-portrait of God because we were made in His image?"

For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. - Eph 2:10

On a different note, we are looking through Ephesians this semester for Bible Study. As we approached Eph. 2:1-10, I loved a few of the titles for the passage the women had to share and wanted to pass them along!

1. Jesus loves Zombies - (based on the whole death to life theme)

2. Proud to be a Zombie - (someone had the same idea)

3. The Painter - (focusing more on the artist persona of God)

4. Wanted: Dead or Alive - (I love the Bon Jovi reference here!)

5. From Death to Life now Seated with Christ - (a little more straight forward)

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