18 February 2011

my roommate.

In flirting around with different ideas of writing a blog about my roommate, and how to best encompass the reality that is my roomie, this is the current result...

Where do you even start really? Do I make it a separate blog full of little commentary and moments that radiate joy and my thankfulness in God's sovereignty for our friendship the past few years? Do I write out every phrase that makes me laugh until my side cramps and eyes tear? Do I tell of how she knows all the words to Beauty & the Beast or how looking at a photograph of herself smiling makes her smile all the more? Or what about deciding she wanted a puppy only to decide she didn't want to deal with poop until babies were in the picture? Or her kindness in waiting a month to rub in her team beating mine in the World Series?

But none of that even does justice to her heart for justice and others, or her love to bake in order to share or her love of beef.

I guess this is just an introduction to my roomie. A dialogue of thoughts. I'm not sure if it will continue much more or often past here. But here it is for now.

Maybe our lives would make a better sitcom than blog, it does more justice to all the sound effects.

1 comment:

Joanna Kay said...

I love you both and thank God that I got to be a small part of your lives and see an even larger part of His goodness and sovereignty by letting us be on a team together.
love both of your joyful and contagious hearts!