17 June 2011

Batting Practice

Sometimes when thinking about funding, I want to turn and ask God, "are we there yet?"

I was at the batting cages the other day with a good friend of mine. Let me be the first to tell you I am not as good as my JV High School Days!

I slid the token into the pitching machine and stepped up to the plate. Feet shoulder-width apart. Bat stretched to kiss the bottom right corner of the plate. Weight on back foot. Bat circling three times before the ball comes flying out of the machine. Focusing on rotating my hips with my practice swing.

The light turned orange and the ball was sent. I starred it down just like I used to and... THUNK. It hit the back drop. Shaking it of I began again. Feet, bat poised, THUNK. The next eight pitches all ended up the same way. My friend coaching me the whole time with an echoing, 'too low... too low" after every swing.

Finally, the sun began to get to me, and I was blinded by my own sweat and the crusted leather from my glove making my left eye stream as if a facet had just been turned on. I closed my eye and the next pitch that came was followed by a CRACK. The ball soared over the pitching machine. It would've been an easy out by the 2nd baseman, but I made contact! The next few I hit as well! A few of them went straight up and I feared they would hit me on the head. (My friend couldn't help but laugh at that sight!) Why in the world was I hitting with one eye closed and not with both open?!?

I realized after the 20 pitches passed, with two eyes, I wasn't focusing on just hitting the ball. I was too absorbed in my stance, and where I wanted the ball to go. I was remember how I used to bat, and expected the same home-run RBI scoring results.

I feel like I'm batting with an eye-patch. I have no idea where the remaining 59% of my funding is going to come from. I know my focus is on God as how with every pitch, He is teaching me so much more. His heart and blessings, through trial and triumph, are evident in every story I am blessed to share with others this summer. I know whether I'm on campus on time or not, I'll get to share even more of what He is doing, even if I don't fully comprehend in the moment. My heart breaks hearing stories of tribulation in others' lives, but I know the Lord wants them to close their eyes and see through His.

So thankful to be under a coach who bats a thousand.

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