02 June 2011


I have so much fun the past two weeks pouring my free time into a little project I've been working on. It's a version of a game called Settlers of Catan that I've been making out of wood with much help from finding the right supplies at Hobby Lobby!

It's given me the excuse to find fun Lord of the Rings fonts online (and a new Calvin and Hobbes one just for grins) as well as bring out my mod podge, sand paper, and paint for a bit. I still need to get out a saw to cut some roads, but I've enjoyed having the distraction from funding this summer to work on and mess around with.

I like doing things with my hands.

Last Saturday, I even got to drive up to my Grandma's and paint her shed. Boy was that rusted roof a bit wobbly to be standing on! But it was fun, even if my back was mad at me the next day!

I wonder sometimes just how much joy God gets from His creation. I know even in this little project I like seeing what I've done; I can't even begin to imagine how much God must cherish us...His creation and seeing us grow into His design.

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