05 April 2017

Walking in Love

I've been thinking a lot lately about loving one another.  How horrible of a terror it must be to not be able to love.  But even moreso, how scary and terrifying it must be to think you can't love well.  1 John 3:14 says, "We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love our brothers. Anyone who does not love remains in death."  Did anyone else just read what I did?!  'Anyone who does not love remains in death.'  That's a scary thought.  Sometimes Satan tries to tell me i am a lousy friend.  That what I say and do is not received as love by the receiver.  I don't like that thought. 

To have someone not understand that I care for them, to see someone I care for be hurt, and people kicking your chair in the movies are three things I am not very fond of. 

I had a long talk today with a friend of mine and she is struggling with a little bit of the same thing.  How one receives love, verses how one expresses it and where it all gets lost in translation.  One of my friends over break randomly asked me this as we were watching TV, 'How can I best love you as a friend?'  I've never been asked that before.  It made me wonder if there is anything I could or should do different to let my friends know how much I care for them and feel blessed God has given me such sisters and friendships.  Satan's been trying to scare me and chase me off telling me why bother when my efforts will be lost in translation.  It is up to the Holy Spirit to get the message across once it leaves my hands.  My friend came up with this illustration referencing something else but i think it is valid here.  She said if she walks in deep snow leaving footprints, and a while later a boy walks in her steps to save time, it doesn't give her credit because she did not purposefully walk there for the boy.  She was walking because she had some place to be.  I see it as how cool is it she could bless the boy and make his path easier without knowing she did so.  How cool is it she could express her love for people without even knowing it (and she does have a sincere love for all people). 

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