23 March 2017

Love Lavished

My four year old niece was running around playing hard as I sat with my family for a holiday.  She made up stories for her dolls and danced them off down the hall.  After a while, she returned to the living room to find myself, my sister (her mom), and my brother-in-law sitting on the couches.  She crawled up onto the couch, extended her legs onto her father's lap and said, "Daddy, rub my feet?"

My brother-in-law, unable to turn down the request, rubbed her feet for about a minute when she popped up and exclaimed, "Thank you Daddy!"  as she shuffled off back to play!  I have no doubt she learned this request from my sister, and while it may not seem like a 4 year olds feet could be so sore to warrant a foot massage, her father fulfilled the request with glee.

It got me thinking, it was simple request for a moment of rest.  A brief pause in running around to spend time with her Daddy.  Her dad savored the company.  How much more does our heavenly Father sit awaiting us to plop into His lap and rest with Him a bit?  Will we stop running around for a moment to rest?  Work well, rest well, acknowledge and know He who never slumbers or sleeps so we can rest!

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