21 March 2017

Spider Warfare

This is my thought for the night.  I almost do not like spiders more for interrupting my peace than invading my space!  You can live outside, that's normal, but not in my house!  I am going about my evening peaceful and then BAM!  All of a sudden my heart is racing and the age old "kill or free?" question comes into my mind!  Whatever I choose, I have to act quickly and keep my eye on the beast lest it take over my home in the split second I blink and call all of its buddies to the fight!  

Yet, when I'm in the midst of Spiritual Warfare, I take my eyes off and slowly and surely my house and peace are being invaded.  There is a war happening and I'm over here struggling to remember the precise lyrics to the song I'm singing.  My attention, my focus are lost on the battle.  

O Lord, let me not become comfortable without you and you alone nearby.  Keep my eyes alert and my heart at rest in your presence.  Give me your strength to fight and do not let me be comforted by the status quo of this world.

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