17 March 2017


There is something about music that can speak to our souls.  Maybe it's knowing someone I can relate to had an experience, put it into words, and added music in a way that conducts a melody that builds.  I love to share music with friends and hear what they love as well.  One of the best places this can happen for me is on road trips.  In fact, at this moment I have 81 playlists in my iTunes for whatever the occasion calls for!

On my latest trip up to Seattle, my roommate was DJ-ing for us.  She came across a playlist of mine called "Epic Playlist."  I mean how could you see that and not!

So she hit play and 'Come Sail Away' started us off followed by 'The Final Countdown' and then 'Deathbed' by Relient K.  I defined Epic in this playlist as songs that started of slower and built causing you to desire it would never end!  So then came my favorite Coldplay song!  Parachutes.  The artists builds to sing,

"Oh the adoration; But how much strength does it take
For exploration; For split decision
Or are you stronger to Remain..."

I'm singing along with passion and telling my roomie how much  I love Chris Martin's early stuff.

"That's not Chris Martin," she said flatly.

"What?" I inquired.

"That's not Chris Martin!" she added with her fiery voice!

"What do you mean this isn't Chris Martin?  Listen closer.  People have told me they don't like Coldplay before and then I've played them this song and they change their mind!  It's a bonus track from their album Parachutes!" I replied.

"Dude!  No it isn't!"

And thus began the unraveling of 12 years of my life!  Like shattered glass above my head this image I had so fervently stood on had crashed in an instant!  We googled lyrics and found the band Guster.  I had never even heard of the band Guster before!  In my iPod the artist is named "Coldplay" and for years I had not only bought the lie, I had spread it to others!

With passion and fervor I would've bet this was Coldplay's hidden track from their first album (That's why so few had heard of it see?  Only the devout Coldplay fans would know it.  A club in which I was a member early on.).

But passion does not change a lie to the truth.  We can passionately believe our career, family, spouse, dog, car...any of these things or a combination of them like the numerous options on a Mexican menu, will fulfill us.  But no matter how much we tell ourselves or others these fulfill...it's a lie.  Only God's love and purpose for us can fulfill us.  Only who we are in Him is true.

So while I embrace the truth of my fulfillment in life spurring out of my identity in Jesus.  I'll edit my iTunes playlist artist to read as it should be: Guster.

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