09 July 2007

It's called faith for a reason...

When i visited the White House we went to a small souvenir shop. It was a quaint place and in it i found jackpot. $1 mini posters of presidential portraits. So i bought a portrait of JFK as i respect the man a great deal. In it, his look is so pensive. He is alone with his thoughts as arms are laid across his chest and no one is around to distract him. I've been in that mood a bit tonight. Going over in my mind how amazing God is and various what-ifs for my future. But tonight was a little more of a rear view mirror night. See the beauty of a car is balance...you have a huge windshield in front of you so you know where you are headed but at the same time there is a rear view mirror to remember where you've been and help you succeed in the future. The mirror isn't meant to be dwelt on as it isn't the size of the windshield..but it is there nonetheless. So tonight I'm just thinking some.

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