17 July 2007

Proof again that God is Soverign and good

I guess this starts about 2.5 months ago when my roommate Katy decided to get a dog.

We got Vegas. She is a beautiful half-boxer/ half-pitbull ish. Katy got her a pink collar and tag and spent a while at the condo before going off to Namibia to serve and glorify God. Last week another one of my roommates, Val, took Vegas for a walk but her tag popped off as the leesh was put on wrong. So two days ago i go tto buy a new collar, put our address and Katy's number on it. i've been working full days. 7am-3pm at a warehouse and then 6pm-midnight at my security job. So tonight i get home and the gate is wide open. I open the sliding door to see a note from my other roomie, Becca, stating Vegas had run away. I rode out on my bike calling. All the time i was going over in my head an old sermon i heard about how wonderful it is to be lost. When we are lost it means someone cares and is looking for us as opposed to trash where it remains and is unwanted. So i decided to keep searching. I asked a few people and then i foolishly remembered i hadn't prayed yet.

So i prayed.

God answered.

I rode to a place i personally have never walked Vegas and there is a gas station. Granted it is late at night and i get spooked easily i didn't want to walk up to this truck originally. But the window was rolled down and he seemed ok. As i was asking if he saw Vegas her head popped out of the window of the quad cab truck! It was her. Her collar and tag were gone but Vegas was there nonetheless. I offered to buy him something from the gas station but he declined. I took the long walk home, Vegas in one hand and my bike in the other. It turns out they found her running back and forth like frogger in the traffic!

God is good,
All the time.
All the time,
God is good. Selah.

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