08 July 2007

That's the way..uh huh uh huh..i like it...

I have never seen a larger zoo.
I worked roaming security for a casino the other night and i escorted out many 50+ who were intoxicated. It was insane. You had this older generation drinking and dancing the night away as if they were 14 again. The show was at a casino and the bands happened to be Kool and the Gang accompanied by KC and the Sunshine Band. KC wrote hit songs like That's the Way I Like It and Get Down Tonight. It was just a humerous scene all around. I got to be KC's personal escort at the end of the night as he headed out to sign autographs. He started out the night saying, "to all you younger folk who's parent's brought you here...you may not know who I am, but I am KC...the Justin Timberlake of the 70s." As I walked him to his limo he asked a question about the layout of the venue...I answered. So here's to my new friend KC and the funk generation that adores him.

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Brent said...

Truthfully, he's being a little generous with himself when he says he was the "Justin Timberlake of the 70's." He's more like the "Huey Lewis & the News of the 80's." He wasn't as big as Justin...but he was certainly famous, but nobody could've told you who he was if they walked by him in an airport.