21 October 2008


Why are spare tires referred to as donuts anyway? Is it because with donuts you are not able to go as fast? Or that although not a healthy meal, donuts get the job done?

Anyways, my day is filled with one donut. There is a large screw lodged into the side of my rear tire. I had to change to me spare donut and go t Discount Tire so they could order me a new one. These are to make my dad proud.
(you can see the screw on the bottom of the tire
in the trunk photo on the right)

Thus, the shiny object distracted snail gets blocked by a cyber stick that transports him through a wormhole and thus he is unable to move the centimeter he was supposed to today. The week drags on.

1 comment:

J-Ra said...

When you told me your back tire got a screw in it, I thought you meant bike tire. This is worse.