27 October 2008

I Am Not Ashamed

>God gave us His Son,
The sinless One to be sin for us

That we might be the righteousness of God.

Your Kingdom has come, we’re being changed into Your likeness

Children of light, it’s our time to arise

I am not ashamed, I know whom I’ve believed

For God Himself has come to me,

Now Jesus is my destiny.

I know I am changed and all You’ve given me,

This hope, this love, this life,

I can’t deny Your power within me

So here I am,

Send me.

Verse 2:

Now we are in You and you have given us Your message:

To tell the world be reconciled to God.

Your favour is here in this day of salvation,

Now is the time, let Your glory arise!


Purify us, Lord

So we’re spotless and pure

As we hold our Your Word

To this generation.

How can they hear,

How can they believe,

How can they call on Your name

Unless we tell them? (2x)

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