08 October 2008


With my friends, i tend to categorize different songs or colors or dance moves to them in my head...so as I was thinking about that tonight, i thought I'd list a few...

  • Diana (sis) - She's a Rainbow- Rolling Stones (also anything from MXPX, slowly going the way of the buffalo)
  • Brent- Honey- Moby
  • Ariel- For these moments I feel faint- Relient K (also Oops I did it Again- Brittany Spears)
  • Alexa- Engage- Pax 217
  • Alissa- Paralyzer- Finger 11
  • Katy- For Good- Wicked (also Forever by Papa Roach and any country song ever basically)
  • Ms. Escalante- We didn't start the fire- Billy Joel
  • Marcel- Bad Day- Daniel Powder
  • Janeen- Phil Collins- the song with the gorilla on the drums ;)
  • Jean- Doom song- gir
  • Kayla- you said- shane and shane
  • Immanuel- Texican Style- Los Lonely Boys
  • Dad- Copenhagen- Robert Earl Keen
  • Billy- You're So Vain- Carly Simon
  • Peggy- vamos a la playa
  • Boo Boo- Lo -Flo Rida (also the techno song sandstorm)
  • Sarah S.- the way you move- outkast
  • Mariam- geek in pink- Jason Mraz
  • Brad- "doctor, doctor i've got an emergency..."
  • Sarah B.- Newsies
  • Laura- Suckerpunch- Five iron Frenzy (also, raindrops keep fallin' on my head)
  • Mom- wouldn't it be lovely- My Fair Lady
  • Andra- Ms. Jackson-
  • Andrea- the office theme song
  • Amber- Let's pretend we live in Antartica- Of Montreal
  • Christa- Satan is my Motor- Cake
  • Nurge- Places you have come to fear the most- Dashboard
  • Sonia- Sunrise, Sunset- Fiddler on the Roof
  • Diana A. - ghetto- from Hardball
  • Joran- All Star- Smashmouth
  • James- Crash- Dave Matthews Band
  • Lauren M.- gold digger- Kayne West
  • Bethany- Extreme Days- Toby Mac
  • Jeremiah- she will be loved- maroon 5
  • Jordan- You gove love a bad name- Bon Jovi
  • Emily C. - Barracuda
  • Alissa- School's Out- Alice Cooper
  • Josh B.- Sweet Child O Mine- Guns and Roses
  • Josh M.- Beverly Hills- Weezer
  • Amy- Honky Tonk Badonkadonk
  • all my NZed friends- I am not ashamed
  • Krystal- That's How you Know- Enchanted soundtrack
I know there are people and songs I am forgetting...but it's bedtime! Are there any songs you think of when you think of me?


Randall said...

See i always peg brad as a backstreet boy song....

or "damn it feels good to be a gangsta"

krystal said...

i'm soooo sad that i'm not on this list that all i can hear in my head is "mr.lonely" AKON.
so, there you go.

Lauren Elise said...

broke broke

spartacus21 said...

krystal..you are only not on the list becasue in my head there is no one song that sticks out to me...perhaps the hannah montana theme?!? ;)

Brent said...

I really dig the song you picked for me.

For you, I go old-school, "They Don't Serve Breakfast In Hell" by the Newsboys.

Susan said...

duuuude....I am also not on the list....sad times :(

Nah, you can't have a song for everyone :)