20 October 2008

life...for sale as is

I feel like the week of midterms runs by so quickly, the following week feels as if it must move as a snail distracted by a shiny object just to make up for it. My co-worker and I thought it was Wednesday all day at work today...wishful thinking i suppose.

I was reading Ecc. 9:10 today that reads, "whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might..." I'm working two jobs currently on top of school and my ministry with the Navigators. I started off making $7/ hour at one job with no responsibility and after 3 weeks got a $1.50/hr raise! I started my other job making $9/hr and yesterday got a raise to $13 an hour and a higher position. I thank God that whatever job I have i tend to advance quickly. I'm a hard worker...my parents trained me well is what my bosses always say. I enjoy doing my work well.

These two women, one from Texas, the other from Hawaii but both vacationing in AZ, came into the Halloween store today. They both were very amiable and offered me numerous job options they thought i would be successful at due to my personality. It was cute. I don't know them, but they encouraged me to do well in my classwork and to move to either Texas or Hawaii after graduation.

And thus, monday is almost over...bring on the weekend!

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