15 February 2007

The Day After Valentines...

and what an interesting day it has been!

Today hasn't been ridiculous but it has been odd. I accomplished a lot and saw both my honors and photography advisors. I left class early on the verge of death but managed to make it through my next course before coming back to the room and getting a phone call from someone i haven't heard from in a month or so. I found out how this person's life is doing and their future goals. It was a nice chat, granted a little awkward but nice. Then, after watching the office and grey's i just feel antsy. Have you ever felt that way? You have done stuff for the day and accomplished a lot and yet it feels like you still have a ton of energy to burn! *sigh* i don't know. Maybe it's time for a shower. too bad Ultimate frisbee isn't on Thursdays too!

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