19 February 2007

"if sin was blue, we'd all be smurfs!"

so it looks like i'm not going to pine cove for the summer after-all. I wonder if maybe God doesn't want me there because it is still within my comfort zone. Working with mid-schoolers and photography at a place i love. I was thinking about that last week and decided i'd be ok with whatever answer God provided. So after seeing Katy's play again and a venture to Sonic, I walked in the door and checked my e-mail first thing. I saw the address was from pine cove and prayed mentally that'd i'd be ok with whatever the e-mail said. maybe it is the little pessism in me but i wasn't too shocked it said no. less than 25% of the applications were needed. I pray God uses the counslers there for His glory for i know i am not there for some reason.

So now the question is...what's next? I'm currently looking for a job in Arizona. I will be moving into a house most likely in May but i am fine if God wants me to take some time off and serve him. The oppotunity to go to Russia has been on the table for almost 2 years now and i think i may look more and pray more into it. I am also thinking about a nav trip to Turkey. I have no idea anymore. time to wait. Normally when you think of a time to do something you think that you have to take action right then. Like, time to go to work or time to get up or eat. But no, God says it's time to wait. Time to trust. Time to pray.

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