27 February 2007

Myers-Briggs. INFP

Based on the answers you submitted, the program has determined your personality type. It is important to confirm these results using the buttons below the picture. INFP.
I - Introversion
N - Intuition
F - Feeling
P - Perception

General Description:INFPs value harmony and want their work, friends and home to reflect this value. INFPs are quiet and adaptable. They will not easily share their inner self (or their sense of humour) with others unless they have built a trusting relationship with them. INFPs are creative and complex so they get bored quickly by routine jobs. Career Insights:INFPs need to believe in their work; they need their work to reflect their values of harmony, unity and friendship. Their careers often reflect their ability to improve other people's lives through verbal skills. They work best when they have the freedom to respond creatively to the needs of the moment for short periods of time. The type of careers that honour these traits include fine arts, counselling, writing, teaching (art, music and drama), library work and entertainment.

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