17 February 2007

Perspectives on Missions

Last night at Navs was really an awakening experience for me. Sometimes I forget the things I truly value and care about in life. I get distracted from my heart's passions. I think my senses just needed to be dulled by the world in order for me to be awakened. There were four people from a group called The Traveling Team that spoke. The last time i heard from teh traveling team was the closing night of my Perspectives course my Junior year of high school. It was the night everyone finally figured out I wsan't in college but high school. I was deciding about Holland at the time. Todd Aaron (I find it so weird that i can actually remember his name!) spoke on taking what we learned in the course from head to heart and talked about a lot of reasons why people don't go into missions. Reasons such as fund-raising is not anti-biblical but anti-american. As well as people's different roles in missions as a go-er, supporter, mobilizer, and prayer warrior. I've always wondered which one I am. I could see myself in various areas at various times. I used to be on the youth missions sub-committee at Crossroads and i loved getting to talk to different missionaries and see what God was doing in the world. I missed that. I need an outlet for this rediscovered passion of mine.
I've had the typical problems that college students deal with...majors. I am a photography major and i like it for what it is but i don't like having to fit my work into the genre of fine art and being knocked if i tell my reasoning and purpose behind a photo in a photojournalistic manner. I've had the issue of dealing with the tyranny of the urgent and giving things in my life importances they really don't carry. So I've had to ask myself where my passion truly lies...i know it is people..i've always known that. But now, this important NavNite has sparked an idea. I have been blessed with lots of facts and informations on God's heart for the world. Who am i to keep it to myself? So I am praying about starting a 'mission's course' for siblings here at ASU. I don't know what it will look like and yet i am sure this is what needs to be done. I ask for prayers and support. If you want to help...my funds as a college student are limited and we would like to go through a few books together including Operation World and possibly God's Heart for the Nations. If you would like to help by providing these you can send them to my address here in Arizona. I would like to start within the next few weeks. For as Ecc. 5:4 says, "when you make a vow to God, do not delay in fulfilling it." So i am jumping into the pool headfirst and working not for God, but with Him in this. I couldn't be more joyful about this. This subject matter just really excites me.

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