22 December 2008


I love dandelions!
There is just something amazing to me about these multi-pored flower/weeds. I never liked blowing them to make wishes, but i did love to blow the seeds off of them knowing more would come the next season! I think my dad used to wonder where they all came from, but I confess...it was me! They were my favorite, how could I resist? I would view it as a challange to pick the few he would miss before he took weed killer to them and 'set them free' into the air. When you blew them into the air, their umbrella like seeds would float until resting upon their new homes in our backyard. The softness to touch and springy exterior was astonishing.

I miss dandelions in Arizona. And petting cacti just isn't the same as my friend taught me when she ran her hands into one once. Why doesn't Arizona have a dandelion equivalent? Maybe people would be happier and nicer to each other then! Why can't the world learn from Texas? :)

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