15 December 2008

Monday :: Something I Like

There is nothing I really enjoy more than sitting by a lake, campfire, or with friends in the middle of nowhere worshiping God. I wish I could play guitar at all or sing better, but I absolutely love random worship times with friends. I remember once a couple of years ago, the ASU Navs went to the 24 hour praying event at ASU and some of us ended up singing praise for almost three hours! I remember at a Pine Cove No Agenda retreat, Kayla and I sat on a fence post for a while singing "You Said" over and over again. Jason, Katy, and whoever else was lucky to be sitting in the back of a truck with us would bust out in song on numerous occasions freshman year.

There is just something about the body of Christ coming together to sing his praise. Even in Holland at the retreat in Belgium or the car rides with my team in New Zealand coming home to Palmy from Wellington...I'll always remember singing "never let go" as the lightning bolt struck while thinking of God's power silenced us all.



Gabriel Hagstrom said...

So the stuff that you like, kicks the stuff that I like's ass :) Well done.

spartacus21 said...

nothing kicks anything! i thought about writing about rock band if that makes you feel any better! thanks for letting me take your idea by the way!

Gabriel Hagstrom said...

:) I just meant I really enjoyed hearing about your love for worshiping with other people. I remember that night at 24 hr prayer, and it was definitely amazing.