14 December 2008

Texas has a lot of football fields

Starting tomorrow...I'm stealing my friend Gabe's idea for blogging. Though my reasons aren't the same as his, I appreciate the thought to force myself to blog daily for at least a week. It;s good for me to just get my thoughts out there and so on...so starting tomorrow, here's what I'm blogging.

* Monday is something I like (mostly just to get in a good mood for the week)
* Tuesday is something I would change (because after Monday there’s always something I would change)
* Wednesday is something I don’t like
* Thursday is something I miss
* And Friday is something I’m looking forward to

Today; however, I've been thinking about Hebrews 11. It is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible as the first verse states, "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." I like that thought...that even though I may have no idea where God is leading in life, I can trust in him by faith that He will see me through. The chapter then goes on talking about the Biblical celebs and discussing how they "by faith" overcame great trials.

I was talking about love with a good friend over lunch and how she felt she can't fall in love ever. We also discussed love being an action instead of a series of words. I was thinking about this passage though, what if instead of putting "by faith," it read, "by love." These people displayed their love for God through their obedience to God. No matter how scary or how much opposition they faced. Thinking about this passage through a lens of love encourages me as I seriously consider future options. I'm 80% in one direction and this is as a result of what I've seen God do so far and trying to figure out how I can best glorify him.

Friends, PLEASE

By love push through this economic crisis.
By love, live a life above reproach.
By love, spread the good news through your life and (when necessary) with words.
By love, pursue Christ first, no matter what others say or do.
By love, reach up and out.
By love, live.

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