19 December 2008

Friday :: Something I Look Forward To

Oops..I'm 15 min past Friday! I realize I am looking forward to Christmas! The lights and lit candles dancing around the room in merriment as families sit down to share a meal together. It's a lovely image. My sister Diana is coming home for a whole week too and I can't wait to catch up with her! One of the greatest parts about Christmas is no school! It's a chance for me to clear my head, pray for next year, and even earn next month's rent by working for Santa! One of my joys is always meeting up with a few heart friends and visiting Marcus HS to see Herbst.

I love working for Santa too...gotta love the stuff kids come up with to ask him. My favorite this year is a boy named Dominic who was asking me to get the inside scoop from Santa on how he could grow up to be Buddy the Elf....not be like..but he wanted to grow up to BE an Elf! Even after passing out in the mall today, he was released from the hospital and went back to work 4 hours later...now that's dedication from Santa!

And then I can't forget Portuguese Black Death! Christmas Eve we always go over to my Aunt Angie's and Uncle Al's place for the meal. My Aunt Angie is an amazing cook! Truly! SO she makes typically 7-8 desserts for 12 people! One of these desserts could feed us all easily! SO we each die just a little sampling a piece of each. But it is an amazing tradition. Then my dad comes home and watches Scrooge...a different version every year.

Bring on the Merriment! You can keep your egg nog, but leave the rum cake and portugese friojsh. Bring on the family! Bring on the Scrooge! Just leave the Bah-Humbug behind! And if even for a day, find joy in even the red and green combination! :)


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

So....I thought you were going to mention going to play in New York or Philly or something awesome like that, but...noooooo...you had to mention the red & green, didn't you? Never going to live that down, am I?
haha...love you friend! And, I will call you back soon!!