26 December 2008

I am so looking forward to next week!

In hopes I get over this small cold I am currently battling, next week should be absolutely amazing! You see, coming here, I worked every day up until Christmas eve! two straight weeks of labor intensive work...sundays included! This week consists of running around to all sorts of family affairs and trying to catch up with old friends...but next week! I'm going to Philly to spend time with amazing friends from places ranging from the happy heart state, to Greece, to Holland, to Portugal! I couldn't be more excited! My true vacation is coming at last!

My friend and I are going to run around New York for two days probably looking like a child the first time they see fireworks, just less crying involved. I can't wait to catch up and play with so many friends. It will be cold, allowing the excuse for stops for warm cocoa from random street shops and pizza the size of my head! I can't believe break is coming to an end so soon! so much to do still before school starts..like finding a job! lol. but alas, there is a week of serenity just ahead and i couldn't be more stoked for it!Watch out NYC! We're coming!


Susan said...

wait...are you seriously going to 3 countries next week???

Sarah said...

Yes...look out east coast...here we come. WOOHOO!!!! Imagine me giggling with excitement here. :) The next time I see you, it will be in the airport; finally, we will play the airport game and WIN.

spartacus21 said...

well...i'll actually be picking you up outside in a pretty amazing red minivan...does that count as winning? i thought it had to be at a gate...and soozan, my friends are just from those countries...i'm not going to them.