18 December 2008

Thursday :: Something I Miss

The Puppy!

It is nice to be at home knowing if you drop that piece of food on the ground, Vegas will be right there to pick it up. Don't want to turn on the heater to save some money? Summon Vegas over to sit on your feet and warm them! She'll even sit there and shake...we'll, until something shiny distracts her at least!

So puppy, don't feel lonely! I'll be back in January!

Don't give Kim too much trouble! ;)


Amy Trianne said...

Aw, puppy!!!!

Michelle Renae :) said...

I realized... as I was visiting my friends who just got a puppy recently... that I call ALL dogs "Vegas". She's had that much of an impact on my life. Somehow... I slightly miss her... and you too, of course!