16 December 2008

Tuesday :: Something I Would Change

The first and foremost thing I would change would be the Arizona Driving test! It must not be too complex or of much quality seeing the type of people who drive on the Arizona highways everyday!

It's kinda like having a bunch of monkeys driving on the roads! I mean, do you really need to cut across five lanes of traffic just to pass one guy as you realize your exit is in two miles?

Turn off your cell phone! Turn off your blinker that's been on for the past 537 minutes! Maybe turn your blinker on when you are changing lanes! Just maybe?!?

Get a new license system so 65 year-olds don't have the same picture as when they were 16. Just gain some common sense and courtesy! If I think you are a bad driver..you probably are, so get off the road already!


valbuss said...

:-( Ryan doesn't let me drive anymore. DO you think he's trying to say something? I just thought all mexican's drove like that? That's how my mom drives.

krystal said...

hahaha. val.

and amen on the blinker thing. i especially hate it when someone leaves their right blinker on when they're already as far right as they can go! (and vice versa.)

spartacus21 said...

i don't think ryan's trying..he's succeeding! and there is a difference about driving crazy but being in control and just driving crazy! i feel like this is the concept arizonites need to master!

This; however, no longer applies to you right Val...you're a Californian now!

Susan said...


This should change IMMEDIATELY

Anonymous said...

I agree with Alicia's last comment. I am a crazy in-control driver: I'm very conscious of those around me, and make sure to use my blinkers specifically for [the correct action]. The unpredictability of my actions is what my passengers usually fear, but they're always in response to some idiot (usually at home b/c I hardly drive at all here in AZ).