06 December 2008


i like to wander.

When I think about life, be it pas, present, or future, i wander. I could drive for hours just singing along to my radio and processing life. Be it that I'm broke and gasoline costs something foreign to me at the moment referred to as money, I went to walmart the other night just to wander.

There is something peaceful to me about people watching...maybe that's creepy. But i like to make up stories about people based on their purchases or attitudes. It's fun to watch two teenagers play Bon Jovi's "wanted" song on rock band caring less who all is standing around watching. I enjoy the smiley sticker as I enter the store. I always wonder if the lady in the fabric department does much of anything after 8pm and if she really enjoyed her job. I watched the loneliness in the night stalker's eyes as he dropped the frozen chicken onto the floor. I felt for the couple in the checkout line in front of me as they had their newborn with them. I can't imagine being in the financial situation where the only time you can go shopping is at 11 at night and you can't leave your newborn at home.

i like to wander.

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valbuss said...

When I get angry I wonder home depot and look at all the plants I wish could buy.